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Shop Grid – 3 Columns

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  • Beehive hangers – Max


    Simple hangers that make hanging a single frame or a heap of frames straight easy. Good for frames over¬†500*400mm (on smaller frames the “Original” size might be best).

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  • 24mm Sawtooth Nailess Hanger


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  • Anti-Tip Kit 180kg


    The Anti-Tip Kit is ideal for securing heavy furniture & items to the wall.

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  • Medium Hardwall Hanger


    The Hardwall Hanger requires only a hammer for installation – no drill holes required!

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  • Small Flat Frame – White


    At 19mm wide and 14mm high, the small flat frame range is the perfect size for many items and is one of our most popular frames. We make these frames from stock on-hand and can typically process a few hundred pretty quick. A great and simple product suitable for office and home.

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  • Mini Brass Tri Hanger


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  • Wide Flat Walnut Name Frame


    A classic kiwi, warm toned frame, the walnut stain offers the perfect amount of contrast and that lovely warm feel to the environment it’s in.

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  • 48mm Screwtype Sawtooth Hanger


    Sawtooth hangers which require screws (sold separately).

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  • Strap Hanger Wide 2 Hole


    The 2 Hole Wide Strap Hanger is the next step up from the Heavy Duty D Ring.

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  • Kodak Portra 160 35mm Film


    Kodak Portra 160 35mm Film

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  • Kodak 27 exposure Disposable camera


    Kodak 27 exposure single use disposable camera.

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  • No 1 Screweyes


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