Canvas Printing

Why print canvas photos?

  • A popular style to display all sorts of memories is to print canvas photo’s due to the simple and clean looking result
  • Our canvas prints do not fade like others do
  • We have been printing canvas since 2003 and have loads of experience (that does not make us “old”)
  • Prior to the digital age we were doing canvas transfers the old fashioned way
  • The right canvas makes for long lasting results, we have no desire to compromise on quality as we believe our customers deserve to have product that lasts like it should

How long does it take to print canvas photos?

We can provide same day canvas if needed and our normal turnaround is about 1 week. Our approach is to have any product finished when you need it, if that is later the same day you can bet we will do whatever we can to achieve this!

  • Bigger than listed? Can do!
  • Lots onto one? Can do!
  • Want another shape? Done!
  • Need it today? Done
  • Fade resistant
  • 30mm deep is default but other sizes are available
  • Photo quality
  • Gallery Wrap
  • Museum Wrap
  • Cleanable/Wipeable

Ordering your canvas

You can email your photo to [email protected] or ask for an upload link for really big files. You can drop into our showroom at 55 Lake Road Frankton, parking is free and easy.