Can I build my frame myself?2022-06-08T14:24:14+12:00

Yes you can! We are happy to supply you with molding, glass, backing, matboard, consumables etc if you want to get creative and make it yourself!

Can I buy film from you?2022-06-08T12:36:34+12:00

Yes you can! We have a range of 120 and 35mm film listed on our website. Check them out here

Can I copy already printed photos?2022-06-08T11:56:01+12:00

Yes, you can! As long as they don’t have a copyright on them (aka taken by a photographer or original artwork) we will happily copy your already printed photos.

Can I get new glass in my old frame?2022-06-08T12:19:07+12:00

Yes you can! Just bring your frame in and we will measure and install the new glass for you. We have plain glass and various art glasses available to refit into your frame. We cut our glass on site too so you know you will get new glass that will fit perfectly.

Can I print photos from my phone?2022-06-08T11:54:34+12:00

For sure! You are welcome to visit us in store to print from your phone or send us an email here and we can create a Dropbox folder for you to put your photos into. The second option is usually the fastest and most reliable way of getting photos printed (especially if you’re like us and have 1000’s of photos on your camera roll)

Can you come to my house and install my frames?2022-06-08T14:16:16+12:00

For sure, we can! Email us and give us an idea of what you have to be installed/hung up (size, quantity, what kind of wall they’re going in etc) and we can let you know about the cost!

Can you scan photos already in an album?2022-06-08T14:25:08+12:00

Yes we can! You just need to tell us which ones and we will scan them for you.

Do I need an appointment for passport photos?2023-03-16T16:26:19+13:00

Nope! Not at all. Just pop in to see us during our open hours and we can get the photos taken and processed for you.

Do I need to keep my glasses on for my Passport Photo?2022-06-08T14:11:59+12:00

Nope! We actually recommend you take them off to avoid glare or being classified as tinted.
(Fun fact: Even clear glasses get tagged as tinted due to the color difference between skin behind and beyond the glasses)

Do you fix frames?2022-06-08T12:48:23+12:00

Yes we can! Whether it’s replacing glass, new matboards,  renailing, repainting or anything in between. Bring your frame in so we can access the damage and chat about what you want done.

Do you make frames on site?2022-06-08T14:26:50+12:00

Yes we do! Everything from cutting the moulding, glass and matboard to putting the whole thing together is done under our workshop roof. We have a bunch of talented superstars out there!

Do you process film?2022-06-08T12:25:52+12:00

Yes we do! We process c41 and black & white in store.

Do you take baby passport photos?2023-03-16T16:21:34+13:00

Yes we do! We take photos for people of any age.

Do you take passport photos?2022-06-08T11:56:30+12:00

We sure do!

Does orientation matter?2022-06-08T11:39:39+12:00

Absolutely! This tells us which way your image is so we can put the hangers on the frame correctly.

How big can you print my photo?2022-06-08T12:46:04+12:00

This all depends on two things. How much space you have and how big the file will allow us to do.
Generally speaking, we can print up to 44 inches (or 1117.6mm) wide and 89 feet (27m) long on our Smooth Pearl Paper.

How do I book an appointment to get my Passport Photo taken?2022-06-08T13:18:50+12:00

No need for an appointment – just come in at a time that suits you.

How do you scan my films?2022-06-08T12:41:45+12:00

We use a Fujifilm SP3000 scanner for all of our film scanning. We have 3 different resolution options for you to choose from.

How does AfterPay work?2022-06-28T12:16:02+12:00

How long do passport photos take?2022-06-08T14:07:42+12:00

The actual photo takes a second (Or 1/80th of a second if we’re honest…). The wait between taking the photo and receiving the photo is usually 10 minutes, but if we are busy it might take longer. We will let you know once the photo Is taken how long the wait will be.

How long does film developing take?2022-06-08T12:38:25+12:00

35mm C41 processing is usually within 48 hours (assuming the machine isn’t packing a tantrum…), 120 C41 processing is usually a week. Black and white processing can be up to 2 weeks and depends on volume (the more films we have, the quicker we are to develop them)

How long does Framing take?2022-06-08T12:15:02+12:00

It can depend on a few factors, but custom framing can take 2-3 weeks. This can be longer or shorter due to workload, materials, availability and difficulty of job. If you need a quick turn around, make sure to let us know and we will do everything in our power.

How much do passport photos cost?2022-06-08T12:04:53+12:00

Our price starts from $20.

How much does custom framing cost?2022-06-08T12:17:30+12:00

This depends on the materials, size of the object being framed and how labour intensive it is. Check out our price guide here for a better guideline on framing costs.

How should I hang my frame?2022-06-08T13:02:48+12:00

If you have had a custom frame made by us, we will put a little sticker on the back to say how we think you should hang your frame.
Alternatively, if you have something else you need hung up, here are our options:
– Our Beehive hangers are a brilliant way to hang (Original or Max)
– If you like hooks, we recommend the hook and nails (Small, Medium or Double)
– If you have a heavy frame we recommend a french cleat (which we can custom make for you) or Heavy Duty Frame Hangers which come in 3 sizes, rating from up to 34kgs to up to 90kgs
Still confused? Contact us and we can talk about what option we think is best for you.

If I have a large Canvas, can it be scanned?2022-06-08T14:22:44+12:00

Yes it can! Our talented team can take a high-resolution scan of (almost) anything of almost any size*
(*When we say any size, it needs to make it into our store…so that might limit it…)

Should I bring my prints or objects in to be framed?2022-06-08T11:38:23+12:00

Yes please! This allows us to measure and work with your item to give us a more accurate result.

What is Afterpay?2022-06-08T14:33:07+12:00

Afterpay is a simple and secure payment option that offers interest-free payment plans for your online purchases. Simply buy what you want today and pay for it over four fortnightly instalments.

What payment methods do you accept?2022-06-08T14:29:04+12:00

In-store we can accept EFTPOS and credit cards, cash, bank transfer and Afterpay
Online we can accept credit/debit cards, bank transfer and Afterpay

What should I wear for my passport photo?2022-06-08T14:10:30+12:00

Anything you like!
We recommend keeping it fairly simple though and try to avoid the same color as your background (aka for NZ passport no white or light grey shirts).
No hats, scarfs, headbands or headwear (unless for religious reasons).

Where are you?2022-06-08T13:16:09+12:00

You will find us at 55 Lake Road, Monday through to Friday 8:30am to 5:30pm and on Saturday 10am to 3pm.


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