Picture Framing –

We Frame Art, Fabric, Objects, Posters or Photos

  • We can offer same day custom picture framing solutions.
  • Open 6 days and any time by appointment, we can also come to you.
  • Easy access location with free parking and sheltered loading area to get pieces to your car easily.
  • Enlargement, photos and Restoration available on-site saving you from running around.
  • Pickup & Delivery service available.
  • Computer Cut accuracy – the only Gunnar 601 in the Waikato!
  • Professional grade cutting with specialist saws
  • Various mounting machines to suit many types of product
  • Additional parts (i.e. engraving) can be sourced and supplied by us to make your project easier.
  • Done on-site!
  • Over 20 years experience.

What does custom picture framing cost?

There are many variations and types of frames available ranging from around $20 to well into the thousands. It is tricky to give accurate pricing without seeing a piece, it’s condition and understanding your expectations. That said, we get quite a lot of orders and have made a guide to give you an idea of what to expect based on the last few thousand pieces we’ve had through. Please see the below chart in the simplest format we can think of (let us know if you have a better idea, we do like feedback).

Item to be framed Low range High range Commonly from commonly up to
A4 print $25 $350 $110 $185
A3 print $40 $500 $120 $200
A2 print $80 $900 $150 $300
A1 print $125 $1,200 $400 $700
A0 print $165 $1,600 $400 $700
A00 print $300 $2,900 $600 $1,300
A1 Canvas in frame $200 $1,200 $350 $600
A1 Canvas on frame $95 $150 $100 $120
A0 Canvas in frame $280 $1,600 $400 $700
A0 Canvas on frame $120 $200 $120 $145
Sport shirt $350 $1,500 $400 $600
Medals & photo $150 $350 $200 $300
Object collection $300 $5,000 $700 $1,500

With that, keep in mind we mentioned there are many variations for picture framing. We have different backing boards, different ways to stick things down and different ways of holding them in place if “sticking it down” is bad for it. Matboards (that cardboardy bit between the frame and image) comes in many colours, different grades and different thicknesses. To top that off we can use multiple boards, cut them in different ways and we can print on them too. The glass options are fairly straight forward, in most scenarios there are only 3 or 4 relevant options. If you’re wanting glass that can’t be broken with an axe then we’ll have a different conversation and all prices above need some more zeros. Our range of picture frames themselves is typically restricted to about 800, we can be found altering these too. To give an example – a high grade backing board on an A2 print can make a difference of several hundred dollars, while you may not see it, it does help your print last longer and that can be very important.

Framing at its best

There are many options for picture framing, we cover a broad range of these with products, machinery and techniques to suit your needs. We work to suit your needs and will guide you through the process with as much or as little detail as you feel necessary. Imageland has collected a very large range of machines making us one of the best equipped picture framing workshops in the country.

Matboards for artists & photographers

Do you want to display photos & art easily for resale? Contact us for ideas on the best way to quickly arrange bulk displays or exhibitions at prices that will not require your Bank Manager to approve! From a simple foam backing with cellophane or a resealable bag through to Rag mounted and matted options for the ultimate presentation.

Picture Framing Supplies

We offer a basic range of supplies for DIY as well as Resellers and offer services for mat cutting or Chopping and Joining your own frames (conditions do apply). There are lots of different hanging options, we have many for sale and we also offer installation services.

Bulk supply

Our workshop can produce large volumes of finished frames. We have a variety of options suitable for awards, certificates or sports shirts. Photographers and Artists creating a full exhibition of work is easy and we can arrange everything!

What is preservation framing & do I need it???

The key question as to if this is required… Will this item hold monetary or sentimental value to you, your family or collectors?

Preservation picture framing is also sometimes called Conservation or Museum framing. It refers to using materials that are known to not be harmful or become harmful to the contents of the picture frame over time. This type of picture framing continues to evolve and we are connected with industry groups to remain up to date with new information and standards.

If artwork is not framed in preservation style, it would degrade faster. Commonly this is seen as fading or yellowing of paper but objects can suffer other physical damage that remove or lower the resale value or lifespan. We use the correct products for the specific item being framed, not all products are suitable for everything. Loss of value or beauty may occur if the incorrect products are used. Preservation framing is your best option, not only for protecting your precious images, but also for fully enhancing them.

Many matboards are made to be very long lasting and feature colours that fade much less than cheap alternatives suited for short term display. They may also be Acid and lignin free, or have cotton cores that remain pure and clean. Attributes such as this will maintain the aesthetics of your framed pieces for years to come.

Protection from UV light damage with a glass designed for framing pictures blocks the most damaging ultraviolet rays which can dramatically slow fading.

The goal of preservation picture framing is to protect integrity and value (be it monetary or sentimental) while displaying your item. Ultimate preservation does not include display, in this situation we offer copying services for display and storage options for the original.