Photo Scanning

Having a suitcase of old photos, albums, negatives and slides arrive in our store is quite common. We can help you to find the best way of organising these for scanning.

Once scanned you can archive them as files or we can print them for you. The files we create can be sent to family if they are scattered far and wide and you can ask for a link to view or download your scans at any time. Photo scanning is typically done with our Kodak, Canon or Epson scanners. Negatives and slides are scanned with our specialist film & slide scanners (primarily Fujifilm SP3000’s and Noritsu S-3’s). The big Epson 11000xl is used for the trickier photo scanning when damages are an issue, custom masks made on our CNC create the best results.

We can scan a single print, negative or slide too. Our default is to scan to print at twice the size of the original.

From 35mm negatives and slide we work with a standard 12×8 print size which is a bit over 3000x2000px and saved as a JPEG. When required for larger output, our gear can make files of spectacular size in a TIFF format.

72 DPI is standard (and perfectly normal) – beware that high DPI claims (i.e. 600dpi) need to be considered against the number of inches in the first place so are often unhelpful or unintentionally misleading.

Art Reproduction

Capturing great files from original artwork is not quite as simple as it may seem. Texture creates a huge impact on the feel of original works. Our equipment and techniques allow us to use the best point of focus on your work to best represent the textures. Artworks are often made with combinations of colours from paints that are very difficult to reproduce digitally. It is possible that even a great monitor will not be able to display these accurately. A Gicleé print can show a larger range of colour so we keep this in mind when editing. Our art scans allow for art prints at the same size as the original, we often break that rule quite a lot though so let us know if you want if different.

Photo archives

For Schools, clubs, not-for-profits or business archives, we are equipped to handle anything. A fully equipped workshop makes life easy when it comes to removing from frames, repairing and or replacing frames as well. Scanning an entire archive room full of history is a task often taken on by a keen volunteer at schools and clubs and can be quite daunting once the scale of the project is revealed. We can help and will advise the best way to go about doing it yourselves, or with us doing some parts for you. If you have lots of framed pieces or an archive room, we can visit you and discuss the options and how to approach the project of scanning your archive.