Photo’s come from a massive array of sources including various digital medias, film, slides, old movies and photos, seemingly ancient glass-plate negatives and so on. We have a range of services available to ensure you get a print or copy which suits.


Photo’s and film developing!

Film developing is a service we provide on-site at our 55 Lake Road shop and we are one of the few who do! Processing rolls of 35mm film is still a common task, many are still printed but if you’ve found some old rolls and have no idea what is on them we can scan them for you to check on your computer before committing to printing. We also process 120 film, 110, 126, 220, & 240 too.

Copying old photos is very common and our bulk scanning service suits those wanting to copy a few hundred photos found in cupboards, boxes or sneaky back corners of our parents & grandparents homes.
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Frames, Photo’s and Restoration

Our core products are the sole focus of our business, there are many ways to achieve a great display from all manner of sources and Imageland can not possibly list them all but here are the common things we do!

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Passport and ID Photos

We take Passport photos for any country (yes, we also do Canadian & Dutch Passport photos) – Visa and residency applications require ID photo’s.

Different countries have different standards and we have access to almost all of them – although we also know that India & China requirements change frequently so please bring your form with you!

No appointment is needed, mid-day can be a bit busier and may take up to 10 minutes.

It takes only minutes for the most common international standards but some will take extra time and can be a few hours.

We are also able to take baby passport & ID photos – these can take some time to get the right photo, so coming in the morning or afternoon when it is not so busy is best. In our experience, we also find it is easiest to get the shot soon after they have had a feed.

Digital Passport Photos for Online applications are available, there are many requirements that must be met for these and the system used for uploading is notoriously picky.  The Imageland Kodak Express team will email the photo to you which will meet the odd but strict criteria required!

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Picture frames

From a single frame to thousands, a simple photo-frame or custom framing sports shirts and needleart, we have the expertise, experience and team that can create a solution!
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We have extensive scanning capabilities suitable for art and photo reproduction. Our tools include a range of gear made by Plustek, Epson, Kodak, Canon & Noritsu, each with their own specialist tasks and offering up to single pass A3 capture. We use a variety of software but mostly work with Silverfast and/or Photoshop which are the industry norms for great results.

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Photo restoration can take various forms and we can deal with all sorts of damage, the work we do is done by the team members you can meet and your precious original photos never leave our business.  Fixing tears, cracks, spills or just removing backgrounds or other people are all among the things we do.
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Kinder Ward Photography

At our Frankton store we display images taken by Kinder Ward Photography, dance School photo services are not available online for various reasons however there are many shows that are available online here Kinder Ward Photography.