Passport Photos & Immigration Photos for New Zealand

Printed or digital passport photos for online applications available. We can actually hit the specs for any country…

In New Zealand there are numerous tales of disappointment about passport photos. Frequent comments we hear are: “OMG I DON’T LOOK LIKE THAT DO I???”, “WOW, where did my hair all go?”, “How fast can you do it?”… While we can’t really help all that much with the first two (we will try but a serious face just does not suit everyone and passport photos must have your “serious face”), the third one is a simple answer, a few minutes is all it normally takes.

There are some very stringent requirements and we cannot compromise on some things, sometimes the difference between looking good and getting an acceptable passport photo clash and we have no option other than to portray you like the criminal you feel like when going through Customs (hopefully it’s not just us that feels that way). There isn’t really any definite “criminal look” but we can help you look like the stereotypical example we all imagine. This is the preferred look for a passport image and will result in much faster passage through customs as everyone just wants that scary photo of you out of sight fast!

Baby passport photos…

Yes, we are possibly the only place crazy enough to take baby passport photos. Why does that make us crazy? Well, even a 1 day old baby is expected to have his/her “serious face” turned on for the passport photo, persistence, tongue holding techniques, distraction plans and a few silly toys all help. Despite the passport office saying they are lenient with baby photos we know for a fact that they are still pretty picky!

We will also take toddlers photos, Grandparents too. Anyone actually, but not dogs. Dogs don’t get to have passports even though they sometimes think they’re people.

US Visa & Passport photos

Yes! These too, any country, any spec. We can make it happen, UK, India, China, Indonesia, or Japan, or Korea or Nigeria or or or (yep, anywhere).