Film Processing (or Developing), Scanning & Printing

C-41 Film Developing

If you are a regular film user or if you’ve just found a few old rolls in that infamous third drawer down come in to see us. We are the longest standing film lab in Hamilton and our team cares for your film as much as you do (possibly more, they’re kind of obsessed). Due to increasing demand same day developing is now normal again!

35mm film is popular with enthusiasts, pro’s and a number of people just not wanting to change to digital, we also run 120 roll film frequently for the extreme enthusiast. Older film types like 110, APS and 126 can be run as well but take a bit longer as there is more time required to properly prepare these for developing. If you just unearthed a few (or a box full) rolls of old film from a cupboard you’ve been meaning to clean for a decade or two you’re in luck! Imageland still offers film processing, right here, not somewhere else, we do it!

Colour film developing is not just a “turn on the machine and hope for the best” type of scenario. At 55 Lake Road we are darned picky and make sure we run Control Strips before running customers film. Not only do we run these control strips, we also look at them to make sure we are getting good results from a baseline standard! We suspect you’d like us to be treating your film as if it were our own, so we do.

Processing rolls of 35mm film and disposable single use cameras is still a common service, many films are printed but if you’ve found some old rolls and have no idea what is on them we can scan them for you to check on your computer before committing to printing. We also process 120, 110, 126, 220, & APS film on-site.

Scanning is done via a few different processes depending on the original and it’s condition. More about scanning can be found on this page: Scanning Services

Other Film Types

We get quite a bit of B&W film through and process this on-site a few times each week. E-6 Slide film can also be processed though we are not able to offer this service onsite currently.

If you have out-dated films such as Kodachrome or E2 we can develop this on-site (as B&W) and have had some great finds of old family photos.