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Shop Grid- 4 Columns

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  • 12.7 x 3.5mm Clear Bumps


    Help prevent picture frames marking your walls with these self adhesive bump ons!

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  • Anti-Tip Kit 180kg


    The Anti-Tip Kit is ideal for securing heavy furniture & items to the wall.

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  • CineStill 800Tungsten 35mm Film


    Cinestill 800Tungsten, 36 exposure 35mm film

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  • 9mm 4g Brass Pan Head Screw


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  • Beehive Mega Hook


    Easy to install by hand and very strong! Perfect for Gib walls when you’re not going to get a stud.

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  • 36mm x 55m Brown Framing Tape


    Brown framing tape – 36mm wide, 55m length.

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  • Ilford HP5 B&W Plus 35mm film


    Ilford HP5 – 36 exposure 35mm film.

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  • No Bend Hook & Nail


    Made from aluminium in New Zealand.

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  • Small Flat Walnut Name Frame


    A simple walnut stain works well with homely and warm environments.

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  • Lomography LomoChrome Purple XR 35mm Film


    Lomography LomoChrome Purple

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  • Recycled Rimu Frame


    Our Recycled Rimu frames vary in the style, some being very rustic and others have a cleaner look.
    Every frame is different and can be made to suit your needs.

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  • Kodak UltraMax 400 36 Exposure 35mm Film


    Kodak Ultramax 24 exposure film, 400iso.

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