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Shop Grid – 3 Columns

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  • Heavy Duty Mirror & Picture Frame Hanger


    With 3 different sizes available to hang picture frames & mirrors up to 90kg, the Heavy Duty Mirror & Picture Frame Hanger is the solution for items of significant weight.

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  • Kodak 27 exposure Disposable camera


    Kodak 27 exposure single use disposable camera.

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  • Recycled Rimu Frame


    Our Recycled Rimu frames vary in the style, some being very rustic and others have a cleaner look.
    Every frame is different and can be made to suit your needs.

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  • Beehive hangers – Original


    Simple hangers that make hanging a single frame or a heap of frames straight easy.

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  • Imageland Gift Voucher


    Gift vouchers are ideal if you’re really not sure what [insert name here] would like! We can issue vouchers of any value.

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  • Kwik Foam Board Hanger


    Easy to use metal hangers, use these to foam mounted items where the foam is 5mm or thicker.

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  • Small Flat Black Name Frame


    A simple black frame is often all that is needed.

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  • 6mm 3g Brass Pan Head Screw


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  • 3M Hang Tabs 50mm x 25mm 10pk


    Pressure sensitive adhesive tabs are a quick & easy way to hang prints mounted on thin foam board.

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  • Heavy Duty Brass D Ring 2 Hole


    Similar to tri-hangers, the Heavy Duty Brass D Ring is designed for use on larger, heavier frames.

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  • Kodak Gold 200


    24 exposure 200 iso Kodak Gold general use film.

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  • 9mm 4g Brass Pan Head Screw


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