Photo Restoration & Manipulation

Our photo restoration work is done by our team. With more than 16 years of digital reproduction, restoration and repair experience you can be sure Imageland will give you a great result. Maybe it has been a year or two longer, human memory restoration isn’t our specialty though!

Photo restoration before and after.
A major difference between us and most others is that we believe that when you pay us for work, you own the work we do. For this reason we give you our working files, if for any reason there is a need to revisit or make further changes, make changes such as B&W or copies for websites then you have the best source for making these and keeping the best quality.

We have copied and repaired thousands of photos over the years with damage ranging from small scratches and marks to flood damage, fire damage and quite a few scratched up brothers and sisters. We do still use some traditional photo restoration methods, this can save a lot of time and cost in some instances. When marks can be safely removed from the original photo we will do just that, we will use the old methods if they are more practical and create the best result, often this results in us charging less too!

In addition to photo restoration we often touch-up, restore or repair the original picture frames as well. This is a very specialised service with many variables which can range enormously in price, we do ask that frames needing this treatment are brought in for us to see the damage. If bringing items in is not practical, we can either visit you or sometimes give a good indication from a photo.

Photo restoration - couple with extra person - before

Completed files are provided on DVD, additional copies can be requested. We keep most work on file for many years. We can also email or save files to USB devices too. If your files need to be sent to a country where people speak with a funny accent or even a different language just let us know and we’ll offer you options to make it as easy as possible.

Photo restoration - extra person removed - after

Photo Manipulation

Prices include a DVD with the working and printable files. Prints are additional, our full price list can be downloaded here. Additional charges may apply for heavily damaged pieces and for capture of sizes larger than 16 by 20

Photo Restoration pricing

(indication only – items must be sighted by our team for quotation)

Basic Removal of spots and blemishes on uniform areas. $30.00
Standard As above with the addition of spot removal in facial or non-uniform areas. $50.00
Advanced As above with the addition of blotch removal in facial or non-uniform areas. $75.00
Difficult As above with the addition of repairs to missing portions of images. $100.00
Elaborate For multiple damaged areas or larger than 16” by 20” output requirements. $150.00
Colouring Additional to restoration. Per coloured item. $15.00
Crop, Vignette Crop to specific person and vignette/fade outside edge. Suitable for memorials etc. $25.00
Remove Items Remove items such as cigarettes or cups/glasses. $35.00
Remove Background Remove background and replace with neutral or other image. Single Person. $25.00
Remove Background Remove background and replace with neutral or other image. Group photo. $40.00
Add person Use image of person from other photo and align into image. $55.00
Before and after of minor photo restoration